Product Details

Lightweight Mini Pry Bar Set

  • ITEM NO.:TP-1S001
  • Specification:
    Double ended tools with narrow pry pads from 1/8 in. to 1/2 in. ones rounded
    Overall length: 7-1/4 inch

Product Introduction

◎ Made of non-marring reinforced nylon composite material for strength and flexibility 
◎ Use for smaller, more delicate jobs like small dashboard trim, or key fobs for battery replacement 
◎ Small, but easily handled with the additional raised hex at the center of the shaft 
◎ Helps for spreading and smoothing epoxy, adhesive and silicone uniformly 
◎ Made from a blend of glass-reinforced nylon for added strength and flexibility 
◎ Smooth edge prevents scratching soft metals, painted surfaces or other composite material 

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